Safety Awareness Test

What are they?
Safety tests are designed to assess a candidate’s overall orientation and propensity for operational safety. The seek to reveal if individuals are likely to behave in such a way as to contribute to a safe work environment. They are applicable to all industries.

Why is it used?
If a role is safety critical, involves manual work, machinery or where there is a high risk for accidents to occur. They can be used if an organisation has a specific safety focus or desire to improve in this area.

What are the limitations?
This type of test cannot predict specific accidents nor estimate the likelihood that an accident involving a participant will occur. Potentially high or average scorers may have had accidents in the past and likewise participants with low scores (lower safety awareness) may be accident free. The outcome of this report does not aim to predict a person’s accident or safety record. It seeks to highlight how aware they may or may not be regarding safety matters and therefore give some gauge to their potential for risky behaviour.

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