Critical Thinking

Critical Thinking tests are cognitive abilities assessments designed to measure a person’s ability to evaluate information, find logic and make judgments about various kinds of arguments. The test asks you to problem solve in 5 clearly defined ways. These include:

  1. Inferences – People make inferences about information when it is incomplete. In this type of question, the candidate is presented with a statement which they must accept to be accurate. They are then provided an inference about that statement. The candidate is required to how accurate the inference is, or whether there is not enough information to make a decision.
  2. Assumptions – An assumption is something preconceived , usually stemming from experience or knowledge. Candidates are provided with a statement and then an assumption. The candidate needs to determine if the assumption is justifiable from the statement provided.
  3. Deductions – A deduction is the conclusion reached by the process of reasoning from a premise. In this case, candidates are presented with a statement and then a deduction/conclusion. The candidate must determine whether or not the deduction follows from the statement provided.
  4. Interpreting Information – Within this section, candidates are required to read a paragraph of information. They are then presented with a conclusion. Candidates need to determine whether the conclusion can actually be drawn from the information provided.
  5. Arguments – Often it can be difficult to distinguish if an argument about a key issue has strong or weak merit. Strong arguments are well reasoned and relevant to the issue. Weak arguments are emotive, pick up on side issues or are irrelevant. These questions will provide an issue and then an argument. The candidate needs to determine if the argument being presented is strong or weak using the information presented in the issue (putting aside their own personal feelings).

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